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Australia Post Approved CD/DVD Mailers are an effective way of delivering your CD/DVD safely.

Our CD/DVD Mailers are fully customised with the highest quality full colour glossy print throughout. With your own Corporate branding, together with a professional/Stylish mailer and eye catching graphics, this is sure to leave a lasting impression.



Normal Mailers

Full Colour Printed Mailers
Disc assembled
Australia Post Approved
Pocket behind CD
Can be used as corporate brochure



Click image to enlarge.



Zipper Mailers

Full Colour Printed Mailers
Cardboard zipper strip on back of mailer to open
Disc already inside and sealed
Australia Post Approved
Can be used as corporate brochure

Click image to enlarge.


Self Adhesive Mailers

(circles indicate self-seal tabs)

Full Colour Printed Mailers
Double adhesive tape for closing
Disc inside unsealed (to add further material)
Ideal for clients who want to post as they go
Australia Post Approved
Can be used as corporate brochure


Ph: (02) 9420 0708

Fax (02) 9420 0783


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